Gijigowi Anishinaabemowin Language Department (GALD)

The Gijigowi Anishinaabemowin Language Department (GALD) promotes the preservation and revitalization of Anishinaabe language and Anishinaabe culture.  GALD develops Anishinaabemowin publications, learning materials, educational language programs, and language documentation.  GALD assists with translation and consultation services for LTBB tribal entities, LTBB tribal citizens and community, and outer organizations.  GALD is very interested in connecting with Elders, and members who speak our Native language.  Even if it is only a few words, we’d like to hear from you.  We appreciate your input and any Native language you can share with us.  Miigwech, Thank you.

  • Nbi Nmewin Water Prayer
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  • Prayer for Language Niinwi
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  • Kikaajik Namewin - Prayer at Elders Luncheon
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  • Jiibe Giizhigat
    Ghost Supper Prayer
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  • Very BASIC Anishinaabemowin Vocabulary

GALD Services

  • Learning and Teaching Resources - In this section we share materials for both Anishinaabemowin learners and teachers to use. The material is available at no cost and can be downloaded for your study or classroom use.
  • Play Online Puzzles in Anishinaabemowin - Various types of puzzles to practice your vocabulary.  All games here are free to play online. Occasionally, we'll add more games and puzzles.
  • Mzinaateschigewin - Various video clips of language activities
  • Bibezhik Kidwin: Learn a Word-a-Day, with Audio. Receive a word or phrase each workday via your email .  The Gijigowi Anishinaabemowin Language Department sends out daily emails with mp3 audio clip attached.  You can also save, download, copy to your device for practice.  If you would like to receive word-a-day audio emails, we’ll add you to the list, just email your request to Bibezhik Kidwin Flyer
  • Dengwe-Mziniganing: On Facebook Keep up with the latest announcements and connect with other Anishinaabemowin fans, where we post flyers, events, mini-lessons, and other language-related materials and links.  Click on the link to see our page and join our group!
  • SoundCloud : Danwewe-Aankwad – Learning is enhanced when you can hear the words and phrases.  Join SoundCloud for free, and follow us ‘LTBB LangTech’.  Graphics and audio are ideal for second language distance learning, Play just the sounds you want to hear, as many times as you want to practice them.  Download free APP to your device, play the audio and practice while driving, working out, relaxing at home...
  • Quizlet - Join the Class “LTBB Anishinabemowin” when you sign up for a free Quizlet account.  We’ve posted several sets which include text, image and audio.  Program includes flashcards, study, test yourself, and fun game with leaderboard.  Ideal for adults and children - practice with your family.  GALD will continue adding new sets to the class.
  • Audio for Books - Listen to your book and/or download the mp3 audio file to your personal device.  Then you can listen to it often, and have it available even when you are offline.  We are phasing out the printed & burned audio CD’s that accompany our books, and making mp3 audio available on our website for free.  If you know of anyone who has purchased a book but does not have access to technology or unable to utilize mp3 audio, please contact us and we will make arrangements to provide a CD disc.
  • GALD Photo Gallery
  • Products by GALD - A limited selection of books, books w audio, t-shirts, and greeting cards produced by LTBB Gijigowi Anishinaabemowin Language Department.  Products are affordably priced to encourage language learning.  Products are sometimes given away at special LTBB events and language classes.  Audio CD’s that accompany books are being phased out, and mp3 audio made available in “ Audio for Books ” section.
  • NPIP Immersion Weekends LTBB is a satellite location for the Nishnaabemwin Pane Immersion Program (NPIP); this language immersion program is for all levels of language learners.  Come and listen to the beautiful, and often whimsical stories told in Anishinaabemowin.  NPIP is an accredited program of Bay Mills Community College.
  • North Central Michigan College - Anishinaabemowin is available at NCMC in Petoskey.  All community members welcome, including older learners and first-time college students.  One evening per week, 6:00-8:50 pm, with 1-hour weekly lab to fit your schedule, for a 4-credit class.  4 levels, 4 semesters, 2-year program:  NISH 111 Beginning I, NISH 112 Beginning II, NISH 211 Intermediate I, and NISH 212 Intermediate II.  Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver may be available for eligible students, as well as Michele Chingwa Education Scholarship for LTBB citizens via Niigaandwin Education Department’s Higher Education program.  Contact us for further information, or assistance with the registration process. NCMC Flyer
  • Mzinigan-Aachkinigan - The LTBB Cultural Library, administered by the Niigaandwin Education Department, has several Anishinaabemowin resources available for checkout. Language Resources Flyer
  • Kinoomaagejik ANA Project - This language teacher training program, funded by Administration for Native Americans grant 2015  - 2018, is to train language teachers and create curricular resources, for teaching Anishinaabemowin within the LTBB community.
    Meet the Team - Project Description - Project Progress - KAP Photo Gallery
  • Odawa Trails Newsletter - Peruse our monthly submissions to the tribal newspaper where you’ll find articles, language lessons, announcements and puzzles.
  • Community and Families - aside from high school classes, Gijigowi teaches youth at Waaniigaanzijik (those who will lead) Youth Department, at various summer day camps, and special events throughout the year.  Gijigowi provides mini-lessons at Elders Luncheons and a monthly language bingo or other activity.  We’re also very interested in hearing from Elders.  We’d really appreciate Elders and their family members sharing anything that they know about Odawa language, even if it’s only a few words that you remember.  Every little bit is helpful.  Please contact us.

Links & Referrals to Others’ Anishinaabemowin Resources

Anishinaabemowin APPS - List of Apps available for your iOS or Android devices, which you can search for in iTunes/iApps or GooglePlay, most are ideal for youth of all ages, and FREE.

Online Dictionaries - Links to Online Anishinaabemowin Dictionaries to assist you in language study, research, and analysis.  We offer this friendly advice to keep in mind:  One cannot reasonably learn a language from dictionaries or books, use them for reference.  It is recommended to spend much time with Elders, Fluent Speakers, and to utilize a variety of learning methods, and most certainly devote a great deal of time to acquiring Anishinaabemowin.  These reference dictionaries are FREE.

Anishinaabe Language Websites - Links to Anishinaabemowin websites featuring free resources for language learning and practice.

Anishinaabe Language on Facebook - pages and groups teaching and promoting Anishinaabemowin.  Note that most of them require you to ‘request to join.’

Anishinaabe Language Materials - Links to websites that provide Anishinaabemowin Resources and Materials for Purchase $.

Disclaimer :  LTBB/GALD Lists links and resources to share other online venues that may be useful to learning Anishinaabemowin.  These are not owned, organized, or administered by LTBB, therefore we are not responsible for discontinued or malfunctioning links.  If you find any of the information we are sharing to be defective, inappropriate, or no longer available - or - if you have suggestions for additional Anishinaabemowin resources information - Please contact the Gijigowi Anishinaabemowin Language Department.  Miigwech

Contact Info:
Department Contact Number:
(231) 242-1454
Carla Osawamick
Language Director
(231) 242-1454
Theresa Keshick
Department Assistant
(231) 242-1457
Netawn Kiogima
Language Instructor
(231) 242-1456
Maryann Endanawas
Project Instructor/Fluent Speaker
(231) 242-1458

Eva Oldman
Aankwadong Project Coordinator
(231) 242-1549

Clint Boulton
Aankwadong Project Technician
(231) 242-1549

Sean Miller
Aankwadong Project Technician
(231) 242-1549

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