Health Clinic
(231) 242-1700

Terry Samuels MD
Medical Director

Amy Mitchell, MD
Family Practice
CariAnne Jeffers-Wcisel MS, PA-C
Physician's Assistant
Cynthia Statler, MD
Patty Crosser RN Triage Nurse/Clinic Manager

Holly Budzynski
Medical Assistant
Michele Alcazar
Medical Assistant
Theresa Boda-Naganashe
Clinical Clerical Technician
Ellie Winkelhorst
Health Information Technician
Ashley Gasco
Health Clinic Office Assistant

The Health Clinic is a full service primary care clinic with health services provided five days per week. Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Medical Direction is provided by Terry Samuels, MD who also provides primary health care at the clinic by appointment.

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